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As we welcome Deathstalker to the MAHQ team (and wish him a happy birthday!), he has released a new map. For right now it is a Deathmatch map, and a really cool one! There has been some talk about it being part of a new multi-arena too. Grab it from the Downloads page.

Since June 18th, 1998

July 2, 1999

D'oh! + New Multi-Arena!

It was brought to my attention yesterday by several people that the link I posted to my new deathmatch map, Valhalla, wasn't working. I tell ya - all this new fangled technology....

Anyways - the link is fixed, so all of you out there clamoring for the newest gem in the MAQH collection (and you know you are) - go ahead, get it already! =)

Plus, Thanos and MagicD have released their new Multi-Arena, Holy Bloody Couches Batman!!. Download it here, and while you're downloading, check out the screenshots here.


  June 30, 1999

Deathstalker joins MAHQ!

That's right folks! The nice guys here at MAHQ have invited me to join the ranks of the great - nice treat for me considering today's my birthday. =) I even got a nifty new email address, so if you want to give me a shout, lemme know at

I was talking last night to big0nes, and there's definately some good stuff coming up - we're all looking forward to Q3A and, of course, RA3! In the meantime, if you're starving for new levels, I just put the finishing touches on my new deathmatch map, Valhalla. You can snag it from the downloads page. Enjoy!


  June 18th, 1999

Happy Birthday to MAHQ!

One year ago today was the official launch of this site.  Little did we know then that we would be creating an official map pack for RA2, among so many other cool things!

We couldn't of gotten here without your help. I would like to thank all of the people who take the time to stop by. Whether once a month or once a day, we appreciate it. I would also like to thank a few people who have been here for the whole year with us. They are:

- Nofadz (sent in the first map)
- Essobie (Extreme Pimpage)
- Deathstalker, Fack, Cabron, Keno, Deviant, Serpent,       Karnix, Seb, Artist-Rico-Gusty for all of the excellent multi-arenas!
- All the contest map authors from all 3 contests!
- Planetquake for being the gracious hosts they are.
- crt for choosing so many maps that started here to be in the offical RA2 map series.

I was gonna get all mushy here, but instead let me say this: I hope to be here same time next year bringing you all sorts of cool ass new RA3 maps to help you get some more of that virtual heroin that we all call Rocket Arena!



  June 14th, 1999

New Pickup Map by [BMC] Gemini

New RA2 Sites and Fack is at it again!

Greets! I know I have been slow in posting here lately, but there is a good reason. Things seem to have slowed down a bit in the RA2 world since Q3 Test came out.  RA2 is by no means dead, however it has sort of leveled out. This is all okay because we got RA3 to look forward to! And you can bet that we will be hosting all the custom RA3 maps we can!

I was just saying how RA2 news has slowed down, but hasn't stopped. Along those lines there is a new RA2 site that I have added to the links page.  It is called Rocket Jump This! or RJT. This is a weekly challenge site where the host issues a weekly challenge and asks you to try to keep up! Pretty interesting stuff.

In other news, Fack of RA2MAP26 fame is working on some new stuff - woot! He is going to e-mail me a preview of some of it. As soon as I check it out I will fill you all in and post some screenshots. So stay tuned for that.



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