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GameSpy Arcade 1.0!
After years of development and months of beta testing, GameSpy Arcade version 1.0 is here! GameSpy Arcade is a next-generation tool and the ultimate online gaming environment. GameSpy Arcade already supports over 160 games and includes chat, instant messaging, and custom features for mods like Counter-Strike. This is a Must Download. Be sure to grab the X-Box channel for the Oddworld chat tomorrow.

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LUNA: Moon Colony Simulator Beta
LUNA is a revolutionary new 3D Sim/Strategy game for the PC, in its final stages of development. It's like Sim City on the Moon, but brings the Sim genre to a whole new level with a fully 3D engine, surround sound, a killer ambient/ electronic soundtrack, and great replay value with dozens of mission based objectives.

Tomb Raider: Chronicles "Timex" Trailer
Eidos has released a new movie trailer of Tomb Raider: Chronicles. The 8 MB "Timex" trailer is in QuickTime format and features nearly a minute of cut-scene footage from the Tower Block level in Core Design's third-person action adventure, including an appearance by Lara Croft's side-kick 'ZIP'.
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   File News: Wed · Nov 15 · 2000
Cue Club Demo Updated
CueClub is a comprehensive and highly playable pool and snooker simulation. Prefering an overhead view of the table, CueClub allows you to play the entire game using only the mouse. This makes the game instantly playable and highly addictive.

Elite Force Force Holomatch Demo
This new Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force demo of the Holomatch offers all three game play modes of the full game for you to try and enjoy. Several changes were made to Elite Force between the time of its original demo in July 2000 and the release of the game in September 2000. This demo reflects the multiplayer of the shipping version.

Oddworld Slig Movie
A BigBro Slig from Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee let's loose on a room full of baddies in this clip from one of the most anticipated titles coming to the Xbox. It is available in both QuickTime and MPEG formats.

HoveRace Tech Demo
GSC Game World has released a new technology demo for HoveRacer. This is not a playable demo, but shows the technology in the upcoming racing game.

Unreal Fortress Patch
The first patch for the very popular Unreal Fortress mod for Unreal Tournament is out, fixing several issues present in the public release last week.

Baldur's Gate II Demo
The Baldur's Gate II demo covers chapter one of the game. This amazing demo is a massive 640 MB in size, so it is broken into 7 sections. You must download all 7 to play the demo. Parts one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven are waiting to melt your cable modem. [Update: Problems with the install? Look for the workaround in the additional info section].

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