IBM 5160  -  Keyboard support

What was supplied

The keyboard that IBM supplied with the early models of IBM 5160 is pictured at here.   In IBM's technical documentation, it is referred to as the '83-key keyboard'.

Later models (1986) were supplied with the '101-key enhanced keyboard' for the US market, and the '102-key enhanced keyboard' for non-US markets.

AT-class keyboards are not useable

When IBM introduced the IBM 5170 (IBM AT), they also introduced a new keyboard protocol, put into both the new 84-key keyboard and the 5170 motherboard.
The 5170's 84-key keyboard (only supports the AT protocol) is not useable with the IBM 5160.


An option for the IBM 5160 is a third-party keyboard that can be switched between the different keyboard protocols.  Example at here.

Another option is to use an AT-class keyboard together with an adapter that converts the AT keyboard protocol to a protocol that the 5160's motherboard recognises.  Example at here.

It is known that some IBM 101-key keyboards (such as my 52G9658) will work with the IBM XT.  To note though is that any LEDs will not work.  And some of the new keys may not work unless one of the 1986 dated BIOS revisions is fitted to the motherboard.