IBM 5162  -  BIOS Revisions

On the 5162 motherboard, there are two BIOS ROM chips, one in socket U34 and the other in socket U35.

They are two 8-bit chips which, in combination, supply 16 bits to the IBM 5162's 16-bit data bus.  Of the pair, U34 is the EVEN/LOW chip and U35 is the ODD/HIGH chip.  Diagram here.

There was only one revision of the BIOS, identified by the date of 04/21/86 (there is no version number).

The date format used is MM/DD/YY.

  Part numbers, where BIOS supplied
in masked ROM form
Part numbers, where BIOS supplied
in EPROM form
drive support
Hard drive support
04/21/86 ? U34=78X7460, U35=78X7461   (photo) 360K, 1.2M, 720K, 1.44M Click here

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