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All Rights Reserved)DATE (MM/DD/YY)1TIME (HH:MM:SS)AXT FLOPPY CONTROLLERIDISKETTE A QDISKETTE B aXT FIXED DISK CONTROLLERqFIXED DISK 1yFIXED DISK 2VIDEO ADAPTERCONVENTIONAL MEMORY EXTENDED MEMORY DEFAULT SPEED DISK 1 STEP RATE DISK 2 STEP RATE F10 records changes, F1 exits   moves between items,   selects valuesn CYLS. HEADS SECTORS PRECOMP****NONE 360 KB1.2 MB720 KB1.4 MBYESNOYESNO EGA/VGA COLOR 40COLOR 80MONO NO CHANGELOW HIGHNORMAL FAST VERY FASTNONEPRESS F5 TO CONFIRM UPDATEREQUESTED SIZE IS DIFFERENT THAN FOUND. PRESS F5 TO CONFIRMWARNING: CMOS RAM CHIP MALFUNCTIONING. HIT A KEY TO CONTINUE.ARE YOU SURE YOU HAVE CORRECT CONTROLLER AND DRIVE? PRESS F5 TO CONFIRM8u*?Yp1)1010110101&Ȏ،Ў3Pd3d $040FAFRn^P7 vJhgs^L tپu4PXdtL! "]rx$J\`_~@-VOñr@3v9<w52< v,qv$:wrF;V:v9<s F$%FBr:3:r3<#wLr(f t t @FF0F/F.3#G rfBUÊGô2ÊpqÆpqÿ2 $u22  :uGMZL= *   `dfjlprvx|~ K K #K @K K  K K GK K K K K K L~~~S~   mL !;"LEg Urr- ،-#*м !k3ۊ s +J! && z ` ```K `` ``=u@B `&`&Wk`<``ts4```봃. -%tsSQY3)\i!!ÄI_PQRSTUVWc7_^][[ZYX!` ``z t!ô` ` `{Hu>!3F<$u<!s`0 ``PQRSTUVW vu```.F=us4r&` `,!2մ`:` w0`2Ѵ``&#D;u'& D;u>u&ThgsF&<u`<``>t `` ```_^][[ZYXPQRSTUVWr_^][[ZYXô``? ````=u's`)` `&``ƋIEr`J``Z `&```(` `)````)` `&```(`&T`)``&<u``s ` `zXt  `B F;~$`t#r;&Gt   t &W_sB&W Vu4`u#6 J6*r 6  ssetup.comsetup.exehdformat.exePQRSTUVW&Ȏ؎@K!s&)@PK!s `X` `` ؎&_^][[ZYXPQRSTUVW&Ȏ؎3NK! ؎&_^][[ZYXPQRSTUVW3&&&O  `X ``z_^][[ZYXPQRSTUVW&G #&_?$t_^][[ZYXô` ``PQRSTUVW&G #&_Ӵ `_^][[ZYXPQRSTUVW `&`` &TS. `<``[`>t `` `]`. `_^][[ZYXPQRSTUVW&46.F#&4_^][[ZYXô` `&P.F=t#.^&w6&GXPQRSTUVW```. `.Or.wJ._^][[ZYXPQRSTUVW`I` ``V z&rt `&; t_^][[ZYXPQRSTUVW(` `` ` `)```u+_^][[ZYX` ``rô` ``u&]&?$t &u`. `t#!u!uPX&27:`2(:`2 `-`>` `À 0`Ӵ`PQRSTUVW&<%t&<#t&<$t&F _^][[ZYXPQRSTUVW=&jَ%u:%t&$j `_^][[ZYX%<&D lthu% %x.u.;t._2F+#>uesdssididx cx bxaxbpcsip>5' 0123456789abcdef3 u3 t ȡ3x.&G3 tȡû ?&=$uN@/&=$t(&= t"x&.8t AF;|NG&= uG (y or n) ? $# `` j3ҎڹN>Z<t¹6j33Ҏ¹6ZN`r9F ;u4't pu#r1rR`Xr;‰V tN'r`qP`jr`\H`UPdI`&V^t&&^‰V SV #VFV #V93ۊ s @F!!F^N_^][[ZYX:<8$9PQRSTUVW>9u9>:8:G$8#::$8;><u<#<<_^][[ZYX9><;>:tr><8״ `8 `kCan not Open File$Sensing $Beginning Auto Sensing of Your Entire System :$ <<<<<< ASTUTE <-> AST User Test Executive >>>>>> Providing Complete Diagnostics for your System, Peripherals and AST Enhancement Products (C) Copyright AST Research Inc., Version $Found -> $ Bad ASTUTE Call !!!! $ASTUTE <-> AST's User Test Executive ( Main Menu ) 1) System Test This is AST's basic test to verify your system. A series of tests for each hardware subsystem will be run. 2) Test Selection Here you will select the specific subsystem to be tested such as diskette drive. All of that subsystem's tests will be listed for selection. 3) Auto Sense System All logic areas will be sensed and sized and results displayed. 4) Run SETUP Allows definition of system configuration that must be permanently stored inside your system. 5) Park Disk Move fixed disk heads to landing cylinder to prevent damage during moving. 6) Format Disk Physical Format/Utility for Fixed Disk.$Enter Selection ( for Previous Menu, Ctrl-C for Exit) : $ Testing Started at $Test Failed with Errors = $Test Passed$ Test(s) Completed Successfully $ Test(s) Completed with Errors = $Loop Count = $, Total Errors = $Invalid Input, Reenter :$Test Module Selection Menu$Test Selection Menu for $Enter Test Numbers Separated by Spaces ( for All, for Previous Menu) : $Enter Number of Times to Run Test(s) ( for Previous Menu) : $Strike Any Key to Continue :$Are You Sure You Want to Exit$ Sensing Results -> $Power System Off ( for Change of Mind):$Timeout from ASTUTE Occurred$Enter Stop on Error Count ( = Stop Off) : $Enter File Name for Logging Errors ( = Log Off) : $The file Setup.com must be present on the current directory of the current disk. $K ~BBjBU crXformer 1.0$bz46#M}H4\O)T t-  O*f(h^aPSQRVWUn24+3& ur;X+&3& urVR ŃİZt2&cm+&mw+&H&&X]+݋`]c+Z`hu ^O^KŰ$ ]_^ZY[XPQRA<u/G%<t2<tZYXQYPSQRVWU`2F&<}&>&6&6&}&&6&6&}&&6&6&}&&6&6&}&&6&6&}&&6&6&}&&6&6&}&PR`ZX2y[+&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&>&<&:&8&6&4&*&(&&&$PR`ZX>tkrPSVu_ZXPRV\A>u b^ZXSQRK$=2ĊZY[PSQRʊ$ъZY[XPSQRʊ$ъ$ZY[XRZRZPR$ ZXRzZRlZPSQRʊW I>ZY[XPSQRʊ$  ZY[XQRʸ$pQ3\<`t~Y2i ZYQRVW$*."b3H؀`tˀ g3طa:tˀ:t_^ZYDATA MISCOMPARE $PRL$& ZXR+Պ":tZRZRZPW3&_XPR0c ZXPR d ZXP<tXTPQR+ɺ'ZYXÐPSVW3&&\]&&L & $ @_^[XPSQVW3u+&]&\ P w!$! _^Y[XÐPpq$P pXpq$ t y..<$u"pq<upq2VЋ`^&) &E >tGj..<$u>pq$ t y..<$u pq$<upq2VЋ`^&)G&$6$3ۊڀ㋏. t% r 2δÀ>t#`Ӵ ``t<0t <1t sˀ>t`Ӵ `<1u˴` Ӵ `` u  .5~ X &_PSQRZY[XÊ 3ۊ r :2t`3Ҋ 3ɊP`X` `3ۊ ㋇. 3.6>pq$ t  .rF>pq$ t  .rt!3ۊ P`X3ۊ ㋇.%>pq$ t  .rE>pq$ t  .rt .3ۊ P`Xð>pq$ t ``ð3ۊ ㋇.s28uP`X󥠉0|qr P`XÀt P`Xà4&J?<} P`Xà&4%r  P`Xô   S6 [m۰>pq$ t ``ù.&#.$.>%ĪêǪĪê3ۊ ㊇4.  r"3ۊـ?KƇuܠ t"3ۊـ?KƇ3ۊ P`Xà  3ۊـ?Kus tQYu uP`Xô` `3Ҋ v `Ӵ ``=u=tX3ۊ ㋏.;w1=|,J `Ӵ ``+3ۊ ㋏.;| `Ӵ `됣 3ۊ .H  t3ۊ ㊇4226 r28$Ǵ`3ҊS3ۊ ,P`X[ 5 - >t` Ӵ `  r06yR c   ) H [  8 8 F h [ h [ 8 7 8 Fixed Disk Subsystem$Fixed Disk Drive(s): $Drive 0: Type($Drive 1: Type($XT$No Fixed Drives or Configuration Mismatch, Run SETUP$Fixed Drive(s) to test [ 0 / 1 / Both ]:$Drive(s) are not Configured, Run SETUP$Overwrite will occur on diagnostic cylinder Is this what you want ? [ Y / N ]: $Head Select Test$Tests drive head select function$Seek Completion Test$Confirms drive seek complete condition and signal$ECC Detection and Correction Test$Tests controller error correction logic$Data Integrity Test$Verifies system data integrity$Read / Verify Test$Performs full media verify$Full Diagnostics - All Tests$Performs 5 diagnostic tests on Fixed Disk$Head Select error occurred$Drive: #dx Head: #cx$Seek Test error occurred.$Drive #bx: 1/3 Stroke or Butterfly Test did not complete$ECC Integrity failed on drive #bx$Data integrity is in danger$Data compare error occurred on drive #bx$Could not perform write on Drive #bx Diag Cylinder$Diagnostic will not function on this drive$Drive #bx verify error: Cyl #cx, Head #dx$$Repair or replace fixed disk drive$Repair or replace fixed disk controller$Further diagnostics prohibited for this session$Diagnostic writes prohibited by the user$Full or Partial media verify ? [F/P]: $Starting cylinder for drive #cx read/verify ? 0 to quit, 1024 for All$Ending cylinder ? $Media error on Drive: #bx, cylinder: #cx, surface: #dx$Invalid cylinder number, try again$Depending on Disk Size this Test could take 4 Minutes$This test function is not available for XT type diskcontrollers.$ t ttB>tt">t@&  ' '؎ [..<$utA:/t  E t B: $ G $<t <t..<$uÊ` ` `u#`rt u uޠ ` ` `t"`rt u uɀހ>tTrack:$Sector:$spt:$؎` ``` ``ʴ` ```²s д``д``9r2E}u׊ rr4 u 5r/ 2}rB;r r}uNJ 8s`; `>t B`A`:``tr P `X몀u`<``U `>t B`A`:```<``suU PXPQRSTUVW&>tXuPt/B@t)B t#BtBtBtBt BtBB.>P´`X_^][[ZYX3x@"t>t"tPQRSTUVW ؎6.&su  > ~_^][[ZYX_^][[ZYX؎6.&PQRSTUVW2ȰF_^][[ZYXPQRSTUVW ؎6.&su  > ~m_^][[ZYX_^][[ZYXPQRSTUVW2ȰlF_^][[ZYXPQRSTUVW2Ȱl8uF_^][[ZYXP `XD c&w8sOd29      $  .  8  O  c  z     Floppy Subsystem$Drive Sense Test$Sense type of drive and diskette$Worst Case Read Test$Read first and last cylinders on both sides$Seek Test$Seek from outer to inner cylinders several times$Verify Diskette Test$Verify entire diskette surface may be read without CRC errors$Worst Case Write Diskette Test$Write/compare on both sides off first and last cylinders$Speed Test$Estimate speed of drive$Diskette Change Test$Verifys ability to sense diskette in/out$Floppy Disk Drive(s): $1.2 MB$360 KB$Enter Letter(s) of Drive(s) that Destructive Writes are OK : $Enter Letter(s) of Drive(s) that are to be Tested : $1.2 MB$360 KB$timeout error$seek error$nec error$crc error$dma error$record not found error$write protect error$bad address mark error$bad command error$undefined status error$data compare errors$Sense Error$$sector = %cl, track = %ch, drive = %bl, head = %bh$expected data = %bx observed data = %cx$Floppy Subsystem is Suspect$Remove Floppy From Drive $Insert Floppy Into Drive $VERSION 1.10 01-19-87 (C)Copyright AST Research, Inc., 1986 $Rdj%i%@T%%*&&(&}&(~&&(&&(&&(&&(&'('2'(|''(''('''؎>!QYB!. s" Z rZ$ tY YZ.`LQYu>Zt6*6~*<u6*6A*Ɏٍ>+>6 +΍>3QV. wO.FO w.F^Y ĿĿ ĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿ ĿĿ ĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿ ٳ ĿĿ ĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿ ĿĿ ĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿ ٳ ĿĿ Ŀ Ŀ Ŀ ĿĿ ĿĿ ĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿ ĿĿ ¿ĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿķĿĿĿĿĿ ĽĴ ĿĿ ¿ĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿ Ĵ ٳ ĿĿ ķĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿ¿ĿĿĿĿĴ ĽĴ ĿĿ ĿĿĿĿĿ Ŀ ĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿ ٳ ¿ĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿ Ŀ ĿĿĿĿ ٳ Ŀ ĿĿĿ Ŀ ĿĿĿ ĿĿ Ŀ ĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿ ٳ ¿ĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿ ĿĿĿ ĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿĿ Ŀ ĿĿĿĿ ٳ Ŀ ĿĿĿ Ŀ ĿĿĿ ĿĿ  4? 5@ 6A7B8C9D0E?NFBSG <7H ?8I B9J E-K <4L ?5M B6NE+O<1P?2QB3R=0SB.TES?<BE1 234567 8  9 #0 &- )=.  Q W E R T Y U I "O %P ([ +] .EC A S D! F" G# H$ J% K& #L' &;( )')`*S+ /\, Z-X.C/V0B1N2M3",4%.5(/6.S7F*8A9S: C; 1<2=3>4?5@6A7B"8C'9D*0E@NF8SG @7H C8I F9JI-K @4L C5M F6N I+O@1PC2QF3RA0SF.W-1X02IE.C5C/75P8'AG8HH8I;UK5M;O 8EP8Q ;DR5IS 5D;P@CFE1 234567 8  9 #0 &- )=.  Q W E R T Y U I "O %P ([ +] /EC A S D! F" G# H$ J% K& #L' &;( )')`*S+ ,#, Z-X.C/V0B1N2M3",4%.5(/6.S7F*8A9S: C; 1<2=3>4?5@6A7B"8C'9D*0E@NF8SG @7H C8I F9JI-K @4L C5M F6N I+O@1PC2QF3RA0SF.V \W-1X02IE.C5C/75P8'AG8HH8I;UK5M;O 8EP8Q ;DR5IS 5D;P E123456"7 %8 (9 +0 .- 1=5  Q W E R T !Y $U 'I *O -P 0[ 3] 7E C A S D! F" G# "H$ %J% (K& +L' .;( 1') 4`*S+\,Z-X.C/V0 B1#N2&M3),4,.5//63S77*8A9"S:2C;1<2= 3> 4? 5@ 6A7B8C9D0E;NFASG :7H =8I @9J C-K :4L =5M @6NC+O:1P=2Q@3R80S>.?<BPP#s LYT@4$$LXN@$$B1L#>Yt/>Yu5>Zu.( ``rtt<uZY:) `Z@B؎i 'XBYt! 3u P`Xrrv@s P`XGYt`^ ! *rt$*ruP `X^$!>Yt.l`[`؎X<uX2ȎS/O2[  eq)д `>YtW.xoOVtoO >F:tҀ&V>St>S1u[EWptiXu36&WW`[tP `XPSVW!^䡢_3$`&&\]&!&L-_^[XPSVW^!_+$`&]&\_^[XVRZuR>Yt6.(ִ ``r+t)t%w ( ``rttuY`6)ִ `QZZ^PV@&$@^XP@XUY2㋯+]SUo W t >vk)W@t >vk >vk&W][PSQRU>v t-E>V t$2 E>F<w Utˀ]ZY[XPSR2Z[XPXPSQR2ɶO2ҊZY[XrQu A^YPQRSTUVWPRj`ZX_`Qt6QAQ _^][[ZYXr` rdPQ3d$t P `XYXPQ3`d$tYXSQ3duKu`Y[PW$XÜV$&VPSQ23uKuP`XY[Xc`PPRj`ZX &\ 䠊 &] XP` `XÜPQV# 2. $ Which type of Keyboard is installed? 0. 84 key (has L.E.D.s) 3. 83 key (no L.E.D.s) Enter option ==> $ Invalid choice, try again: $ This test is not available for 83 key keyboards. $ Press each key, hold for Typematic Test If OK press "Y" then "ENTER" If not OK press "N" then "ENTER" $System Unit Keylock Switch Test $Lock System Unit Keylock $Unlock System Unit Keylock $Enhanced Keyboard: 101/102 Keys$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Keyboard: 83/84 Keys$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Keyboard: 83 Keys$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Keyboard: 84 Keys$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$VERSION 1.10 09-30-87 (C)Copyright AST Research, Inc., 1987 0RdsI9  d        9 F  d F  F  F  9 p d p p p w w * O v &4؎36> !Qo>6&HPR`ZX6 ы;wJuPR`ZX؎6 >PR`ZX؎3>uA+&6PQRSTUVW؎>33Q& t.>u#u &DŽu &DŽ&DŽY_^][[ZYX>xxPR`ZXȎ> 6 +؋6tau$U?u%tAxu$8>6+&>?xu66+w$PR`ZXP `XڋPPsP`X&$>>Y[tŽڣ:F<PQRSTUVW؎3> 6 ִ `>I״ ``> 6I&4WQ`s&4u &4u/6> uN~й>Y_t닉 _^][[ZYXH&4ˉ&4Gˉ&4Gˌ؎E36QVGtdGt ^YQ 3ۀvSQY4:tLt:tl[:tuYQ $Gu%:tu:t-Gu%:tuYQ $\Gu%:t(:t]Gu%:tuYÍQ>:pv >:@vAYÍUQ>:pv >:@vAY$ÍU$ÍU$PQRSTUVWЊ܁u P`Xxu P`XP `X-PQRSTUVWЊ܁u P`Xxu P`XP `XPQRSTUVWЁu P`Xxu P`XP `XWQ3;u3Y_ÍV2$!UQR:3ҹCZY2U !uktt! !؎3ؾ,V _؎Ȏؾ!& !3, PQRSTUVWxu&Ǎ>u _^][[ZYXóP`X/xuǍ>P `X P`XPQRSTUVWtt+t"xut >uu P`X(xu>uP `X P`XPR`ZXc PR`ZXd PR`ZXe PR`ZXf PR`ZXg ϴ`s P`Xy:8˒Parallel Printer Port(s)$Printer Port(s) Test w/ External Loopback$Printer Port(s) Test w/ Internal Loopback$Printer port data, status, control & IRQ lines$Printer port data & control lines$Printer Port 3bc Failure$Printer Port 378 Failure$Printer Port 278 Failure$Status Line Error Expected: %BL Was: %DL$Data Line Error Expected: %BL Was: %DL$Control Line Error Expected: %BL Was: %DL$Interrupt Request Line (IRQ#BL) Failure$Incorrect Interrupt Request Expected: IRQ#BL Was: IRQ#DL$Defective Printer Port at I/O Address 3bc$Defective Printer Port at I/O Address 378$Defective Printer Port at I/O Address 278$Defective Board Which Includes Printer Port 3bc$Defective Board Which Includes Printer Port 378$Defective Board Which Includes Printer Port 278$Previously Existing Error Condition $Precludes Proper Execution of This Test$Test System Failure $Error in Reading System Clock Frequency$Error in Setting System Clock Frequency$Defective System Board$Do All Printer Ports Have Loopback Plugs $Enter Desired Printer Ports to Test By Hexadecimal Address and Separated by Spaces (Default: All LPT's Reported by Auto-Sensing) $Printer Port(s): LPT1: 3bc LPT2: 378 LPT3: 278$VERSION 1.00 09-30-87 (C)Copyright AST Research, Inc., 1987 $R^P-?;VXyyy yLLL L L   FGHIJJKKii+iCi))@ABCD&(U`%б +ʎu#B0uBu !2>PЋ`َɎً6|+d&PR`ZXP `XڋPPsP `XP$$>Y[tŽڣ3U&&&;u&&&;t r;\[ tQ ~I iB5(  *yt ~ ˴` u .K#Ë%+úuB4ʸ3Ѓ.0Ë  < v *â40 ,0 , Gtett ttt) tÌ؎3Ɋ>"u6C67t 323;v r^ s s >u u ut7 @ 3B33ɊQ"uuu<YtQtAV o 3Ê uYt1 RSu&; tQ&&:t=&%G: [Zut6? 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Fails to allocate memory from system !Press any key to exit - "DO NOT specify 1 to 1 interleave unless you have WD-1006 installed Specify interleave factor 1- 16: Currently selected disk is #%2dTHE DISK ATTRIBUTES ARE:Cylinders: %4d Heads: Precomp cyl: Landing zone: Step pulse: Interleave: MCABDEGJSINHFTRQOPKLRUVXYZDrive #%2d not ready - Aborted ! No Defect List found or Bad cylinder 0 - Aborted !Invalid Key Word in Defect List Header - Aborted!Invalid Number of Cylinder in Defect List Header - Aborted!Invalid Check Sum in Defect List Header - Aborted!Failed to read the Defect List !Invalid Defect List - Aborted !rNo defects found- Press any key to continue Invalid Defect List - Press any key to continueEnter the filename of the Defect List - Insert the target diskette in the floppy drive - Fails to create the List File on the default drive%4d %4d %4u The Defect List file has been written on the disk. FMT.DLSFailed to open - %d %d %dTHE DEFECTS ON THE DRIVE ARE: Cyl-Hd-Offset %4d %2d %4d %dFMT1.ATTFMT.ATTHelp Information: 1. A defect list file is a file which contains the media defects listed on a label attached to the hard disk. 2. You can use standard text editors (EDLIN or WS) to enter the defects in following format: [cylinder][space][head][space][byte behind][carriage return] Example: 100 0 8696[carriage return] 3. You may select not to enter the [byte behind] information. In this case, the HDFORMAT marks the entered track defective.b>SelectSelect Target DriveFormatFormat the selected diskExitReturn to DOSNformatPhysical format hard disk WITHOUT a Defect List file DformatPhysical format hard disk WITH a Defect List file InterleaveChange interleave factor - defaulted 2 to 1NoDo NOT media-format the selected diskYesProceed with media-formattingNoneFormat disk with no verificationQuickFormat disk, then perform quick verification (3 patterns)FullFormat disk, then perform full verification (7 patterns)NoAbort the operationYes HDFORMAT Main MenuSelect format options:&WARNING: All data on the disk will be lost! Proceed?dRetry ? dFile already existing, OVERWRITE ?Select level of format verification: Cylinder no : Head no : Sector no : No of Errors : Status :----------------------- Total cylinders: Total heads : Interleave :(:L^vmkUDrive #%d not ready - Abort !Formatting disk in progress - %s%4d%4xOperator Abort -Not implemented- Press any key to continueVerifying disk in progress - Verify Error: Cylinder #%4d Head #%2d Sector #%2d Marking Bad Track : cylinder #%4d Head #%2d Bad Track Formatting Done!%dInvalid numberMinimum allowable value is %d Maximum allowable value is %d %04xMinimum allowable value is %04x Maximum allowable value is %04x  Pressing selects an option; returns to Main menu. Use the cursor keys to change the highlighted option.RFcon:CON:prn:PRN:lst:LST:lpt:LPT:lpt1:LPT1:aux:AUX:com:COM:com1:COM1:rdr:RDR:pun:PUN:nul:NUL:null:NULL: ((((( H ((((( H :0123456789ABCDEFThe interrupt request lines (IRQ) used by option boards and devices are determined by the system board. The Xformer/286 IRQs are provided on the following table. INTERRUPT REQUEST LINES Level Function Microprocessor NMI Parity or I/O Channel Check Interrupt Controllers CTLR 1 CTLR 2 IRQ 0 Timer Output 0 IRQ 1 Keyboard (Output Buffer Full) IRQ 2 Interrupt from CTLR 2 IRQ 8 Realtime Clock Interrupt IRQ 9 Software Redirected to INT OAH IRQ 10 Reserved IRQ 11 Reserved IRQ 12 Reserved IRQ 13 Coprocessor IRQ 14 Fixed Disk Controller IRQ 15 Reserved IRQ 3 Serial Port 2 (Secondary) IRQ 4 Serial Port 1 (Primary) IRQ 5 Parallel Port 2 (Secondary) IRQ 6 Diskette Controller IRQ 7 Parallel Port 1 (Primary) DIRECT MEMORY ACCESS DMA Channel Use 0 Spare 1 Synchronous data link control (SDLC) 2 Floppy Disk 3 Spare 4 Cascade for DMA 0-3 5 Spare 6 Spare 7 Spare Beep Codes Emitted when CPU Speed Changed with Key Combinations: When you use key combinations to change the central processing unit (CPU) speed, your system will emit audible beeps. The beep codes indicate the following: Two beeps Speed at high One beep Speed at low ,64-BITPC/Ethan,64-BITPC,07.12.2012 13:24,file:///C:/Users/Ethan/AppData/Roaming/OpenOffice.org/3;